Agriculture is perhaps our greatest invention…but it turns out that domesticating animals has created most of the infectious diseases we suffer.

This is not to condemn farming and ranching. In fact, over time, selection has led to far more productive, docile, and disease-hardened breeds. But we’ve only increased density, stress, and the other disease-creating factors. Most egregiously, we continue to bring new species into captivity.

Every factor contributing to this disease-creation, or “pathogenesis,” is getting worse. Most astonishing…it’s no accident. Politicians continue to promote and even subsidize risky practices long after science has shown that domestication can be a disease factory. And germs evolve faster than any animal—including people.

The feature length documentary No Accident will investigate the causes and the carnage of lethal epidemics, and it chronicles one of today’s most insidious examples—right in the heart of North America.

“If this brain-wasting disease jumps to humans, as mad cow did, the implications are unthinkable. Unlike mad cow, CWD is highly contagious. With the patient counsel of some of the foremost experts in the world, No Accident pieces together the story of the greatest policy failure the wildlife conservation movement has ever seen.”

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“Over explicit warnings by scientists that domestication fosters and accelerates diseases, game farming was legalized in much of North America in the late 1980s…epidemics emerged almost immediately. The latest is Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), an elk and deer version of ‘mad cow.’ Untestable, untreatable, unstoppable and always fatal, it has spread to public wildlife.”

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