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No Accident is a story that must be told because it matters…

it affects each and every one of us and it will affect our children,

our wildlife and wilderness, and almost everything else we cherish.

It begins with two simple, concurrent facts…

First: Agriculture has offered incalculable benefits…beginning with the feeding of untold masses for millennia.

Second: The domestication of animals quietly fostered almost all of the diseases and epidemics in our history…victims number into the billions.

You have to go deep within the silos of modern science, but the pieces to the epidemic puzzle are well known. Most alarming, is that in every way that matters, it’s getting worse. In large part, this is because we mindlessly insist on bringing ever more wild species into captivity — elk, deer, bison, salmon — even though the costs massively outweigh the benefits. We have somehow managed to ignore or hide the lessons of science and history.

Here is just a short list of what’s at stake: Our health and our economies.

Costs are already beyond all of our wars and conflicts combined. Our precious wildlife and the North American model of conservation that replenished it from the brink of extinction—arguably the greatest environmental success, and the greatest known example of sustainable development, in world history.

Wildlife-related activities: hunting, fishing, watching, photography, and tourism. Wilderness and healthy ecosystems, and the incalculable benefits they support. The welfare and humane treatment of animals.

When one looks at the billions spent to conserve wildlife and habitat, and the trillions spent to address human health concerns resulting from disease fostered through domestication one has to ask why do we let this continue?

We can’t tell this story without your help. Please donate to No Accident and help get the message out.

Let’s keep the wild in wildlife, and diseases at a distance.