Why should I contribute to the documentary?

For those who appreciate and enjoy the outdoors, who understand the need to protect ecosystems rich in healthy wildlife, or who simply care about their children and grandchildren, “No Accident” uncovers the fascinating, foundational pillars of that legacy. But the scope of the work goes far, far beyond.

Simply put, “No Accident” is of profound importance to every part of every segment of our society. Drawing on leading science from a dozen fields, it presents a vivid tapestry of lessons—from history’s most tragic failures to the very wellspring of some of our most phenomenal successes, extending beyond the foundational pillars of conservation to the core values of science, law, and civilization. Only by exposing the sources of some of the most lethal threats in human history — threats that are again increasing — can we rediscover the reality: to protect wildlife, is to protect ourselves.

How much money needs to be raised?

In order to take the documentary film to completion as envisioned, we require $1.7 million CND. We know this is a lot of money but making a high caliber film cost money. Expenses on the film include flights, wages for crews, music rights, filming permits, location fees, public relations, marketing, social media campaigns and the list goes on.

What other fundraising are you doing?

We are not putting all our eggs in one basket with our Indiegogo campaign. We are running other fundraising drives and looking for philanthropists and investors who understand the importance of making this film a reality. We will also be applying for grants through the IDA and grants available to the filmmaker through Provincial incentives. With these combined initiatives we feel we will be the most successful in realizing our goal.

What options are available for supporting this?

The project can be supported by making a donation to the “No Accident” documentary film project through our Indiegogo Campaign or immediately through our website HERE.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, with one caveat, the tax receipt we provide to donors is only valid in the United States. “No Accident” is recognized under the Fiscal Sponsorship Program of the International Documentary Association (IDA) a not for profit 501(c)(3) status organization. Donors, foundations, and corporations are able to donate funds to IDA specifically for the purpose of supporting a sponsored project like “No Accident”.

Who will control the allocation of funds?

The Executive Producer and Producer must co-sign all cheques and expenditures. Expenditures must be made in accordance with the budget, with a 15% allowance for variances. Results of annual audits of the “No Accident” documentary project will be posted online at the “No Accident” documentary website for donors and people who have made loans to see.

Who are the Executive Producer and Producer?

Margot McMaster is an award-winning film producer with 26 years experience and Darrel Rowledge has worked for over 25 years as a speaker, researcher and writer on issues relating to forestry, wildlife management and public policy. Checks and balance are in place to ensure the donated funds are spent as per the film budget.

How will this film advance wildlife conservation?

The author and executive producer, having invested 25 years of time as a volunteer, has become one of the leading intellectuals on the vitally important and complex conservation issues that will be thoroughly explored and explained in the film. Additionally, key leaders in wildlife conservation have reviewed his book on the subject are providing technical and scientific advice to this film.

They include:

Dr. Jack Ward Thomas
Past Chief of U. S. Forest Service 1993- 1996.

Professor Val Geist
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Science U of Calgary.

Shane Mahoney
Leading International authority on wildlife, winner of Person of the year award by Outdoor Life Magazine.

Terry Grosz
Retired Assistant Regional Director of Law Enforcement US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Dr. Vince Creighton
Recently retired after 37 years in Ecosystem Protection Branch. Currently Co-Chair of Canada’s National Wildlife Disease Strategy.

Kevin Van Tighem
Retired Superintendent of Banff National Park and author of numerous outdoor books.

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